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Life Management Tips, Part One

Just a few things ...

Learning and Working
College isn't the only road to success. Tech schools, on-the-job training, self-instruction and even noncredit courses can give your career a boost.

Keep learning. Acquire a new skill every year. Everything you learn to do with your hands or mind teaches you something else, some less tangible skill. Gardening taught me patience. Cooking taught me discipline. Using social media taught me to edit myself.

In your first years of employment, dress simply. Always shop sales and don't overlook resale shops. Don't be a slave to fashion.

Putting Down Roots
Buy an affordable home in a good neighborhood. Choose a lot that gives you room for expansion. If you buy a fixer upper, focus on making it the home you want.

Get to know your neighbors. Participate in neighborhood events. Loan out tools, or offer to help with DIY projects.

Plant a garden. Being able to harvest your own food is satisfying.

Support local farm markets. Get to know regional …

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