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You Can't Make This Stuff Up

I say that out loud every time a White House staffer resigns or someone in the Trump circle gets indicted.

I say it a lot, actually.

Recently my community held an event in conjunction with International Women's Day. I didn't go.
In past years, I might have gone. Once upon a time, I would have covered the event for the local paper, or even served on one of the panels.

But being retired now and out of circulation, so to speak, I didn't attend. After hearing a recap from a friend, I'm glad I didn't.

For one thing, when a speaker brought up the Me Too Movement, a majority of the small-town audience didn't appreciate the topic. A few applauded. Some later accused the speaker of bringing politics into play.


Secondly, my experience with one of the speakers chosen to represent women in a certain field has been anything but positive. In fact, that particular speaker and I were once on a screening committee in which she lobbied loudly and persistently against hiring…

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